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Loving Embrace Collars® Soft Surgical Dog Cone Testimonials



Hi friends! I gotta say...this pain medicine is my friend. I wouldn't be very fun to be around without it (direct quote from the mommy). . This is my "woe is me" face" I think I have it down pretty well.


Whatcha think? . It seems I am doing better today. I am loving on this wet food (mom says it smells delicious) and moving around a bit too. Mom said she's not sure how we keep a puppy off of toys for two (yes 2!) weeks...but I'll let her figure that out. 😂😂😂 . This is my first surgery (x2 at once) and I have to soooo happy mommy got a Soft e-collar off Etsy from Loving Embrace Collars.


She did try the plastic one, but you can see I am actually comfy in this one. If you need a cone of shame...I say at least be comfy! 🐶 . Angie, who is the shop owner, took good care of me with this for my surgery recovery, and I am very grateful. This has been so nice to have. I give it two paws up! Her website is if you need one too! 

Tara Offerman Berg

OUR HOUSE... Loving Embrace Collars are a blessing to us! BUTTERS has to wear one to protect his eye until he sees the eye doctor next week.

We were impressed the minute we came across these almost a year ago. We have sent them home with patients & owners love them. Now we are the patient...

LEC do not make any sound if the pet scratches at their head, bumps into things like plastic collars. If the pet bumps into something, the collars absorb the shock. Plastic collars are jarring and uncomfortable when bumping into things.

BUTTERS moves around with ease & comfort while wearing these. These are equally as effective with protection as the plastic ones with more benefits.

Thank you LEC for your generous collar donation to help BUTTERS! 💜🐾☺️

This evening he sports the monkey collar while his grey tyedye is in the wash.

Kimberly Wasko, Lemon-Aid

Barcley has had mouth surgery so trust me the soft collar is really a gift for him so it is really helping him feel better.  


I havent folded it over yet which I want to do so he can see a little more as he gets better and of course to eat and drink.  But for now the length beyond his nose is perfect.


He is recovering very nicely and the extra cushion and fashionable style for his recovery through your Loving Embrace Collar is perfect.

We will put it to good use.  Do you have any that fit husbands?  Ha ha Just kidding!

Linda H.

Sarasota, FL

Bacardi and woobie

These collars are amazing. So happy with it and so is Rocky!!! He wouldn't get in his bed with his plastic collar on. Look at him now. (We included a picture of Lisa's newest rescue Nola, who is a little stinker in one of our collars too!)

Lisa Stapleton Piver

Loving Embrace Collars are absolutely amazing! We’ve been offering them to our clients for over 5 years and have had 100% satisfaction. When given a choice, 75% to 80% of the time our owners pick an Embrace Collar for their pet.  These collars are truly great.


They are soft and comfortable so the pets get used to wearing them more quickly. They are also very unique in the fact that you can roll them back, allowing the pet to eat easily.They are machine washable and durable so our clients don’t mind that they cost a little more than those hard plastic ones because they know it will last until the next time it is needed. And our clients LOVE getting to pick from a variety of prints and colors. It makes them feel involved in their pets care and helps take away some of the stress they experience when picking up their pet from surgery. 

Gratefully yours,

Stacey Hamilton

Practice Manager/CVT
Loving Family Animal Hospital

Hampton my pitbull grandpuppy suffers from severe skin issues. I was lucky enough to win a beautiful comfortable xl collar for him. He is so much more comfortable he has to wear this whenever I leave him. I will recommend this product obviously made with love of animals to everyone. He even slept soundly one night in it. Thank you so much.

Dolly Kennard Ciappetta


Our names are Betty & Willma! We truly do love each other, but when we go into heat we tend to get into some girly fights. Our groomer suggested to my mom that we wear the Loving Embrace Collars™ when we go into heat.

We had a really hard time getting at each other, so decided not fight anymore. Our only argument was who was going to wear what collar (we switched off!)!


As you can see, we layed together in comfort with our Loving Embrace Collars™ on! Problem solved! No fighting!

Thank you Loving Embrace Collars™,

Betty & Wilma, and Mom Sue

We wanted to thank you so much for letting Valentino use the Loving Embrace Collars™ for the last three weeks. When the Vet told us he was going to have to wear a cone we were very worried. When we used the standard cone from the Vet, he absolutely hated it.


He hates to have things on him or around him and constantly tried to get the cone off of himself. He would bat at it, and constantly run into things, like walls, couches, tables, even us. When we first introduced Valentino to the Loving Embrace Collars™ he was very intrigued by it. He immediately walked over to us and we slowly and gently velcroed it around his neck.

He does so well with it. He acts like it's not even on him. He is able to lie down, sleep, walk, go to the bathroom, do everything he normally does without any hinderance. It's even easy to clean. It made the whole healing process for Valentino easier for him and us knowing he was able to wear the Loving Embrace Collars™ and be comfortable. Thank you again for Loving Embrace Collars™. It was truly wonderful and easy to use, and Valentino is so grateful for it. We have attached some pictures of him wearing it (even one of him sleeping in his favorite position....upside down).

Dustin McCarthy and Stephanie Sommers

I'm Benny the Bichon and I'm looking and feeling FINE wearing the Loving Embrace Collars™ made especially for me.  When I lost my leg to cancer, my surgeon sent me home wearing an uncomfortable plastic cone to keep me from licking my incision.  The doctor meant well, but I hated wearing it.  It was hot, sticky and smelly (even by doggie standards) and it made my family say "Ouch!" when I bumped into their legs while following them around.

Then I saw that Loving Embrace Collars™ designed this handsome padded cone which I rather like wearing.  It's washable and soft and dries quickly even after I get a drink.  I have no trouble sleeping in it. It has nice Velcro fasteners that I can't undo, and it keeps me from bothering my stitches.  Plus, no more complaints from my folks about bruised legs!

I am now a happy, happy boy.  Thank you, Loving Embrace Collars™, for helping me to get all better.

Good luck.  This is a Great Idea!


My little cattle dog, Dylan, came to live with her daddy and I eleven years ago. She was a compulsive licker, giving herself sores on both legs that were deep and red and angry.


We tried everything from allergy shots to immune suppressants to behaviour modification. We just weren’t able to stop her. She was going to have to wear some sort of collar to keep her from hurting herself.


The standard issue plastic E-collars were expensive, would break easily, and did not permit our little girl to eat or drink while we were away. I saw the Loving Embrace collar at a charity event and decided to give it a try.


What a grand option it became for my little girl! The collar is soft and flexible and will never break. The closure is durable Velcro rather than cheap, plastic clips. The flexibility allows her to access food and water but the design prohibits her access to her limbs when she’s lying down and tries to lick. The collars are washable and durable. She wears the collar pretty much 24/7 (as you can see I am hard on them!) and I replace it about every 8 months. You’ll find them a great value for your dollar and your pet will be so much happier!


Debra Patterson Collins

Aurora, CO


Thanking you from the bottom of our hearts...
“Every once in a while, a person comes into our lives and without knowing it, they have a tremendous impact and they change our lives forever. For me, Angela is that kind of person. After my beloved, much adored, 8 yr old, 18-lb Havanese Ernie completely ruptured his left Cruciate Ligament, he was in tremendous pain & he required very painful surgery. Additionally, any cruciate ligament repair requires an extremely long recovery & rehab. When I contacted Angela to purchase an e-collar, I immediately realized that a kinder, more compassionate & more loving soul did not exist…sorta restores faith in people. After ordering my e-collar, Angela rapidly (immediately, really) emailed me about my pattern choice, shared alternative pattern choices and expedited shipment at no cost to me (refusing to take payment for the weekend shipment). My purchase arrived within 3 days and on a Saturday. Angela truly cares about her customers and her products. These soft, gentle and supportive e-collars are perfect! Ernie is a very intense dog and I know he’s been in pain. As a pleasant & unexpected surprise, I placed the e-collar on Ernie prior to moving him (as a safety measure) and doing so has been a life-saver. Doing what a muzzle simply cannot, the e-collar softly cradles Ernie’s head when we move, or carry him, thus creating less tension & fear. Without exaggeration, the e-collar has spared my husband and I from several nips & bites. Of course, the collar prevents Ernie from licking & irritating his incision & suture area. Ernie is so comfortable, he actually falls asleep wearing Angela’s product. Angela, we love the e-collar and we all thank you from the bottom of our hearts! I will never forget you and this experience!”

Thank you one million times over, Angela.

Toni Lee F., John, Ernie, Fredo & Crush

Dear Loving Embrace Collars™,

Our Maggie has hot spots that she will just not leave alone! Unfortunately she has to be in a E-Collar a great deal of time, so I was thrilled to finally see your product! I felt so bad always having to put her in the plastic collar. She hated it.


I love I can fold this one back when she is hungry or thirsty, and she can sleep and get comfy! The collar is very effective and durable too. Her quality of life has improved so much over the last yea, we just can't thank you enough! She is our furkid!



Maggie, Lisa and Scott Fields





We have had the Loving Embrace collar for at least 5 years.  We have used when our two German Shorthaired Pointers have had injuries or surgeries.  These collars are not only loved by us pet owners, but also by the pets themselves.  Unlike the traditional plastic "cones of shame", these collars are extremely soft, rigid but forgiving and act like a pillow allowing your pet to be more relaxed when wearing them.  Both of our dogs are male, high energy and got annoyed with the traditional plastic collars.  With these collars, they tolerate them, sleep comfortably in them and can be seen running thru the yard with them acting like there is nothing wrong.  While these may seem like an investment in the beginning, they are simply a worthwhile investment if you own pets.  You can wash them in the washing machine and can loan them out to family or friends because you can rewash them.  We truly love these collars and so do our dogs!  Thank you Loving Embrace!


Michelle Bales - Pictures of Cash and Zeke

Send us a picture of your pet in a Loving Embrace Collar® and we will add your pet's picture and story to our site! 
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