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In Loving Memory......

This page is dedicated to the furbabies who have crossed over the rainbow bridge. 

Teddy had skin allergies and he wore the collar for a few weeks while we tried to control his chewing. Teddy also wore the collar when he was neutered just before he died.


Teddy died at just 2 years old after he ate our granddaughters little sock, had surgery but did not survive. 


Teddy was our granddaughters ESA dog and was beautiful & perfect in every way. In his short 2 years he flew in planes, rode buses, trams and light rail, visited Disney-world and the zoo with Shelby. He swam in the ocean and hiked through the mountains.  Teddy was very calm and well behaved. We never saw him eat the socks. Still miss him. We have a 1 year old puppy now and he will be using Teddys collar when he's neutered in the next year.


Cheryl B.

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