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1. Can you wash the collars?

Yes! In fact we urge you to wash before use, especially for pets with skin sensitivities! Not many people know that most fabric including on new furniture is treated for storage and transport. Wash on permanent press warm and lay flat to dry! You may notice a slight odor when first receiving your collar due to those treatments. You can wash these collars over and over and they retain their shape! 

2. Are your collars effective?

Yes! We have sold thousands and thousands of collars including through numerous vet clinics and stores, veterinarians love these collars. However, if you have a very determined pup, I can count on one hand the number of times I have had a customer tell me their pet got around the collar. We cannot claim 100% effective, but 99.99% of the time Loving Embrace Collars are a fantastic alternative to the standard plastic cone! 

3. Are your collars made in the USA?

Yes! We do source materials from various vendors that source globally, but you can be assured the manufacturing process happens right here in the state of Colorado!

4. Do you ship internationally?

No. Unfortunately due to very high shipping prices we currently only ship within the USA. 

5. Will my pet get upset when I put the collar on?

Every pet is different! Most pets accept the Loving Embrace Cone much easier than the standard plastic e-collar. If your pet is having a hard time acclimating, you can always fold the collar back into the eating/drinking position which can help them get used to the collar faster. We recommend trying the collar for short periods before a surgery especially to help your companion get used to the e-collar. 

6. Is there plastic in your collars?

No! However the foam is a petro based product just as plastic is. We are always on the hunt for better and greener options! We are seeing more plant based memory foam for mattresses and more plant based plastics so hopefully somebody will develop a general use foam that is more earth friendly soon!

7. Do you accept returns?

In general we do not accept returns as once a collar has been shipped and even just "tried on" it is considered used as there is typically then dog hair on the collar which must be cleaned and we can only sell the collars as "Gently Used". We may make an exception but there will be a 20% restocking fee and shipping to/from is non-refundable. 

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