Large Breed Dog Cones

They're here! Though we haven't had a huge demand for a dog cone of this size, we have had worried furkids parents ask for a cone that would fit their Great Danes and other of the larger breeds. It really bothered me I couldn't provide them one knowing what the alternatives are. This new size functions just like our other canine surgical collars, providing the ultimate sturdy protection, while offering loving and soft comfort. They still fold back for eating and drinking, absorb the jarring shock and vibrations the plastic cone cannot, and are washable with cushy foam. They fit neck sizes from 22"-26", and will fit 16" from the collar to the tip of the nose. We are just thrilled to offer thi

Loving Embrace Dog Cones & Sponsorships

We had an amazing first year here at Loving Embrace Collars. Not only did we donate 15 sets of dog cones to some very worthy causes, we have now launched a new sponsorship program. Our friends at Lemon-Aid and NMDog are the first recipients of direct funding to help their causes. Proceeds from every sale of one of our soft dog cones will go into their funds, with proceeds paid out at the end of the first quarter and then the second quarter. At that time, two new causes will be chosen for the remainder of the year. We will continue to also send out donation surgical cones to others working tirelessly in rescue to help as many animals as we can. We hope you can help us spread the

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