Does not interfere with eating, drinking or sleeping

Folds back at mealtime

Prevents injury when worn by pets with failing eyesight

Attaches easily to standard collar which keeps it securely in place

Won't mar or damage walls and furniture, or your legs!

7 adjustable sizes (XS, S, M, L, XL, XXL, XXXL), velcro enclosure allows for custom fit

Soft yet durable machine washable fabric, collar retains its shape!

Multiple patterns to fit your pet's personality

Prevents pets from chewing or scratching themselves

Doesn't produce frightening noise like the standard plastic medical collar, and absorbs the jarring shock when they hit or walk into walls/furniture

Made in Colorado, USA
Creating and keeping jobs in Colorado since 2008.


The Humane Alternative

There is no plastic used in our Elizabethan Collars. A softer and gentler option. There are a few very pale imitations of this collar on the market, but their collars cannot stand up to the quality, durability, functionality or effectiveness of our collars.

Embrace Pet Insurance and PetPlan Insurance cover our collars in their policies. We will be checking with all of the other carriers and listing as we verify. Make sure to check with your insurance too!


Please check out some of the wonderful rescues we support!

Colorado Companion Animal Sanctuary

Noah's Ark Rescue

Measuring for a Loving Embrace Collars™

It's easy! Click "read more" to see how.

Send us your pictures of your pet in a Loving Embrace Collars™ and tell us your story!


Buy collars locally

We are currently only in stores in Colorado but new markets coming soon!

Visit our blog for updates, information, and how you can help us help animals and the environment!

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